Winter Wraith

  • 10 gp in various coins => claimed by Egil, no one protested and he didn’t ask if anyone else wanted them
  • cursed coin (Anyone possessing this coin is slowly cursed by necromantic energy that transforms him into a winter wraith and renders him under the control of the coins creator.) => Egil is convinced that it empowered him, not cursed him.

Aki Blood-Eagle – for assisting with the linnorm hunt and for protecting his life against an assassin

  • homes => each hero rewarded property inside the Horn Quarter of Kalsgard
  • 1000 gp

Geth – Cleric of the Temple of Gorum

  • belt of one mighty blow – Activating this belt is a swift action. The wearer is granted 5d6 points of additional damage. This damage can be dealt in a single blow or divided up into multiple attacks. => Gorreg
  • cloak of weaponry – This cloak has an extradimensional space within it that can hold a single weapon with a weight of up to 8 pounds. When you activate the cloak, you can draw forth the weapon or stow it if the cloak is empty. => Gorreg
  • boots of the mountain king – While wearing these boots, you can move more easily than normal over rough and difficult terrain. These boots allow you to ignore difficult terrain and skill check penalties for light and dense rubble. In addition, you can move up stairs and slopes at normal speed and run or charge downhill without making a balance check. These boots require no activation. => Alrik
  • repeating heavy crossbow => party treasure
  • Chargebreaker – This +1 heavy mace grants the wielder an attack of opportunity against an opponent attempting a charge or bull rush, even in cases where an attack of opportunity would not be allowed. The target must succeed on a DC 15 + Str Mod Fortitude save or be knocked prone. => party treasure

Bjorn Stormwolf – Prefect of the Temple of Gorum

  • +1 cloak of resistance => Tholan
  • +1 human bane morning star => Alrik
  • +2 glamered chain shirt => Hob
  • +2 headband of inspirational wisdom => Hob
  • +2 large wooden shield => Egil
  • +2 ring of protection => Thryan
  • cold iron dagger => Egil
  • elemental gem – earth => Tholan
  • ring of counterspells – dispel magic => Thryan
  • robe of bones => party treasure
  • scroll: invisibility purge => party treasure


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