Broken Bay

Last of the True Ulfen Raiders

Capital: Bildt (6,730)
Notable Settlements: Skjoldmur (1,500)
Notable Places: Highpoint Tower, Orthost, Rivenstone, Sunken City, Thanesrest Mausoleum
Ruler: King Ingimundr the Unruly
Major Races: Humans (Ulfen)
Languages: Skald
Religion: Gorum
Resources: ambergris, mercenaries, ships, ship supplies, slaves, weapons, whale oil

Located on the westernmost fringes of the Linnorm Kingdoms, Broken Bay comprises the waters surrounding the islands of Aegos, Orthost, and dozens of smaller uninhabited rocks. Of these, only Aegos is what could properly be called “civilized”.

Broken Bay itself is home to plentiful schools of fish and the occasional pod of whales, and fishing is the primary industry for those brave enough to make a living here. The region is notorious for its storms, powerful tides and currents, and treacherous shallows—the “broken” in its name refers to the countless wrecked ships that lie in the waters or sprawl upon rocky isles. Life in Broken Bay is cold and rough, and those who grow up here are shaped by these environs, becoming mercenaries and raiders who seek to plunder coastal settlements throughout the Inner Sea region. Ingimundr the Unruly rules Broken Bay from the city of Bildt, the only natural harbor in the region. He has grand plans to restore Bildt’s prominence and strengthen his own influence by increased raiding and adopting a more martial lifestyle, and sees Broken Bay as the last bastion of bona fide sea-raiders in the Linnorm Kingdoms.


The people of Broken Bay hearken back to a simpler time in Ulfen history, when plundering the southern lands constituted a sort of regional pastime and trading was restricted to well-defended ports. These folk see the other inhabitants of the Linnorm Kingdoms—particularly those of landlocked Hagreach—as varying degrees of cowards or traitors to their ancestors. While the raiders of Broken Bay still focus their assaults on Cheliax, Varisia, Nidal, and other southern nations, they are increasingly turning their attention to other Linnorm Kingdoms as these views of regional cowardice grow. The shipyards of Bildt have been turning out more longboats and fewer fishing boats, and the hearths of the city overflow with tough young warriors eager to make names for themselves. Raiding is more fun than fishing for a warrior, but there have to be targets to attack. Finding a way to make a consistent living off of the unwary and undefended of western Avistan is the challenge of the age—a challenge Ingimundr must overcome if he wishes to keep his crown.

Most of the citizens of Broken Bay dwell on the southern shores of Aegos, in the cities of Bildt and Skjoldmur. Small fishing settlements dot the eastern shore, but the uplands of the center and the bleak, windy strands of the northwest are completely deserted. The interior of Aegos is home to aggressive wildlife, including dire wolves and the boreal bears that sometimes swim over from Icemark. Settlements in the north of Aegos always place their middens well away from town for just that reason.

Broken Bay is a cold, unforgiving place, and the monsters and predators that hunt the region tend to be large and well insulated. Sea monsters of various sorts abound below the waves, while giant crabs of all sizes lair along the shorelines of the islands, lying in wait for the unwary. The rocky inland of Aegos is relatively free of larger wildlife, with the exception of a large population of wolves, dire wolves, worgs, and winter wolves that periodically trouble the coastal towns and prey upon livestock, while polar bears are often seen on the northern shorelines.

Broken Bay

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