The Blackravens are an elite band of protectors who have sworn their lives to fighting the agents of Irrisen. Most Blackravens hail from Hagreach, but many come from other Linnorm Kingdoms as well, compelled by a sense of racial or national pride and eager to defend their traditions on a warfront—even if the front is little more than a literal cold war. Most Blackravens are barbarians, fighters, or rangers, while clerics of Gorum and Desna provide divine support. Several bards and sorcerers have made their home in the Blackravens as well, their arcane magic lending extra firepower against their monstrous foes. Most Blackravens are of Ulfen descent, but an increasing number of dwarves and even a few gnomes are joining the ranks as well.

The Blackravens have traditionally led the most successful Ulfen raids into Irrisen, primarily because they never raid without significant preparation. Companies of Blackravens rove the entire region, from the Stormspear Mountains to Grungir Forest, dealing with small-scale monstrous incursions and keeping tabs on more dangerous ones. Larger contingents of Blackravens rotate through the settlements of Hagreach, reinforcing the local forces against expected raids. At any given time, three-quarters of the Blackravens are somewhere on the border.

Freyr Darkwine, Castellan of Trollheim, is Commander of the Blackravens.

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