Sveinn Blood-Eagle

Linnorm King of Kalsgard


Sveinn Blood-Eagle is the oldest and most powerful of the current kings, and the skalds whisper that soon he will step down and make the journey to Valenhall in faroff Arcadia. He is only waiting for a suitable candidate to come through his gates, bearing the traditional head of a linnorm. Jockeying has already begun among the younger warrior princes, who both seek allies in court and hunt the wilderness for the elusive monsters.

When Sveinn’s thirteenth child, Orn, was born, a triumvirate, pronounced his birth would bring a curse on the family. Sveinn worked to lift the curse, but not before two of his children were taken. By Sveinn’s efforts and the birth of his last child, Little Runa, apparently lifted the curse; for he has lost no more of his children. Sveinn refuses to believe Orn was the source of the curse and he allows no one else to blame the kid.

Wife: Runa

Children (from oldest to youngest)

  • Aki (male) (30)
  • Diarf (male) (27)
  • Gudrik (twin male) (25)
  • Gudvaer (twin male) (25)
  • Maria (female) (22)
  • Toki (male) (21)
  • Skialg (male) (19)
  • Fair (female) (17)
  • Ginna (female) (16)
  • Ulfrik (male) (14)
  • Grima (female) (deceased) (13)
  • Steinolf (male) (deceased) (12)
  • Orn (male) (11)
  • Little Runa (female) (8)

Sveinn Blood-Eagle

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