Runa Blood-Eagle

Mother Blood-Eagle


Runa is the queen of Sveinn Blood-Eagle. She has born 14 children and has only lost two of them, Grima (female)(13) and Steinolf (male)(12). Many blame their deaths on a curse that was pronounced on the family after the birth of her 13th child, Orn. Runa refuses to accept that the curse had anything to do with her son. This curse was lifted with the birth of her 14th child, Little Runa. However, Runa believes the person actually responsible is still out there and she keeps her ears to the floor listening for any indication as to who is responsible.

As a mother of 14 children, Runa is always ready with her switch; ready to strike one of them with discipline when necessary. She is not called queen by those around her, but Mother Blood-Eagle. This title is used by everyone, but there are those that she considers her adoptive children. For any of her children, she will call on the wrath of the kingdom to defend, but anyone who harms one of her children, real or adopted, she will call down the wrath of the kingdom to strike down.


Runa Blood-Eagle

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