Niklas Baum


Niklas Baum is a member of his mother’s mercantile company, the Lost Rivers Mercantile. He was sent to Trondheim to scout out business opportunities. Once there, he met and fell for Hela Olfsford. Hela rejected his advances. His mother, Jutta, attempted to use her influence to force a wedding but Hela continued to resist.

Niklas became impatient and late one night, he forced himself on Hela. She attempted to bring charges against Niklas but due to his mother’s influence, Hela’s charges were rejected.

Hela took matters into her own hands and attacked Niklas with a rusty knife. Her attack was thwarted but not before she did severe damage to Niklas. Hela was charged with the attack and banished into Windhome. A week later she walked out of Windhome and tradition demanded she be declared innocent of the charges. The town was forced to consider the charges against Niklas again, but Jutta sported him away before they could.

The current location of Niklas is unknown. His mother isn’t talking. Where ever he is, he is not enjoying life. His wound from Hela’s dagger is rumored to have never healed properly. The rust on the dagger poisoned his blood and affected his mind. It is a safe bet, he seethes for revenge on Hela despite the fact that he has so far avoided justice for his attack on her.


Niklas Baum

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