Jutta Baum

Council member of Trondheim and owner of the Lost Rivers Mercantile


Jutta Baum is one of the most powerful people of Icemark and her reach is extending even as far away as Kalsgard. She owns and operates the Lost Rivers Mercantile, a company that ships supplies into the Linnorm kingdoms from the southern lands. Jutta and her company began business in Cheliax.

Jutta’s son, Niklas Baum was a sleazy young man who took advantage of Hela Olfsford, stripping her of her expected future as a queen of a Linnorm king. Jutta hid her son to help him avoid justice for his crimes.

Currently, she is fighting a war with Hela as Hela does her best to disrupt Jutta’s business.

Jutta is a shrewd business woman and enjoys her wealth.

Rumor has it that she recently made a lucrative business deal with a traveler expected to journey from Tian Xia by way of the Path of Aganhei. If she gains control of the trade from Tian Xia, she will become one of the most powerful people in all of Golarion.

Jutta baum


Jutta Baum

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