Hela "Longstrider" Olfsford


Hela Olfsford grew up in the small village of Trondheim on the edge of the Windhome in Icemark. The village is located northeast of Icegraves on the coast. Despite its location, Trondheim was growing and prospering.

Hela was born under a series of good omens. A moon dog halo surrounded the moon for the week prior and a single bright shooting star fell each night for all the village to see. On the night of her birth, there was a series of seven falling stars. The whole village celebrated her birth. It was believed she would some day be the queen of a Linnorm King.

As Hela grew, she was the most popular girl in the village. She proved to be very talented and her beauty drew men from all over the world in pursuit of her.

Niklas Baum was one of those men. Niklas met Hela while running supplies for his mother, Jutta Baum to Hela’s village. Niklas became infatuated with Hela, but she did not return his affection.

Jutta looked to give her son his every whim and put pressure on the leaders of Trondheim to convince Hela to marry her son. She went so far as to set up a new center for her business in the town, and even moved there herself. When her initial attempts failed, Jutta put her money to work and bought herself a position on the village council. She then got directly involved in getting Hela to marry her son.

Niklas became impatient with his mother’s efforts and late one night, after a drinking binge, he visited Hela. Hela defended herself, but Niklas forced himself on her. When Hela threatened to tell everyone the truth, Niklas grew enraged and beat her severely.

The next day, embarrassed, Hela brought her case before the council. Jutta’s money and influence defended her son and Hela found blame turned on her. She was denied her justice.

Several days passed and Hela’s humiliation had brought an end to her suitors. She was labeled a harlot and found herself alone. Abandoned and desperate, Hela turned her anger on Niklas. She attacked Niklas with a dull rusty knife and nearly killed him before several of his friends found them.

The next day, Hela found herself before the very men she had sought justice from. Only this time, a verdict of guilty was returned. Hela was banished into Windhome.

There are many stories as to what occurred with Hela in Windhome. However, no one knows if any of them are true because Hela has never spoken of it.

What is known as that a week later, Hela walked back into the village, barely alive. She had a severe claw mark across the right side of her face and neck, stealing her of her beautiful singing voice and beauty. In addition, she was bleeding profusely from the stump where her right hand used to be.

As it turned out, Hela’s survival was not the most shocking thing about her return. She wasn’t alone. She was accompanied by a pack of large wolves. The wolves listen to her and obey her every command, even sacrificing themselves to protect her. The pack is led by a large black wolf, Nightstalker that rumors say is a demon, a demon that Hela fed her hand to in order to seal their unholy wedding.

As tradition dictated, Hela’s return signaled an innocence of her crimes that the council and Jutta could not deny.

However, Hela was denied her justice once again because Jutta used her influence and money to spirit her son away from his fate.

To this day, Hela continues her search for Niklas and she continues to wage a war against Jutta and her holdings. Her reputation as a tracker and guide has grown tremendously over the last few months. Even though many do not trust her pack, they cannot deny her success.

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Hela "Longstrider" Olfsford

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