Of Kings and Dragons

Sveinn s delaration

King Sveinn Blood-Eagle has declared that he will see the crowning of a high king, but many fear he will die first and even he grows impatient.

A challenge has been issued and a celebration has been declared. Champions have been called forth and they ride from all across Kalsgard. Hopes are high with many, but doubts and dark plots threaten to undermine King Blood-Eagle’s plans.

Your alliance has been declared, perhaps it is even to yourself. But be wary of the dangers that await you. Can even the King himself be trusted?

Adventuring in the Linnorm Kingdoms

The Linnorm Kingdoms are brutal and savage, and those who dwell there echo their land in their lives, with roaring storms of violence and unpredictable avalanches of emotion. Yet the people of this vicious realm also create works of great beauty, be those works in song or steel, ivory or gold. Although the warriors of the Linnorm Kingdoms disdain cowards, they are tender with their friends and fiercely loyal to both their friends and lieges. Adventuring is a time-honored tradition in the Linnorm Kingdoms, and adventurers who hail from distant lands are often met with open arms and camaraderie by the Ulfen—provided that said outlanders first establish their tenacity and bravery in a manner that impresses the Ulfen.

The people here value enchanted weapons and armor above most other forms of equipment, recognizing them as valuable tools when combating the monstrosities so frequently found here. Personal accessories like necklaces, torcs, rings, rods, and staves are popular among those who wield magic. As for magic, spells of elemental force are common, for magic of earth, air, fire, and water speak to the Ulfen heart and provide close analogies to the nature magic of the region’s many fey creatures. Illusions and enchantments are popular as well, especially in battle situations, as are spells that augment heroism or inspire fear in the hearts of enemies. Far less common are necromantic spells, unless used as divinations—those who meddle with the dead are often viewed as criminals at best.

Of Kings and Dragons

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