Seer's Home

Seer s home

Seer’s Home is not only the largest of the Varki shelters—it’s also the only one with a permanent
population. When a shaman or other religious figure grows too old to safely travel with the rest of her tribe, the tribe brings its beloved leader here to join the ranks of the Varki Seers—leaders who come together in this large cave to preserve the Varki way in a tribe composed entirely of the elderly. Without the dangers and discomforts of travel, these seers are free to philosophize, create beautiful works of art, or otherwise honor Varki traditions. At any one time, a hundred or so seers can be found here, supported by one of the other Varki tribes. This tribe stays for a month or so before a new tribe arrives to replace it, allowing the previous tribe the freedom to return to a nomadic lifestyle.

Seer’s Home itself is built into a great cavern complex complete with hot springs. Rare plants and fungi grow in the caverns and supplement the seers’ diets—the seers claim that these plants grant them extra powers of communication with the ancestors, the animal spirits, and the gods. The lower caverns of Seer’s Home are filled with intricate patterns of writings on the wall and stone arrangements on the f loors, all part of some notation system known only to the Seers of the shelter.

Dozens of caverns filled with shelters and accessed by leather and bone ladders make up Seer’s Home, but two particular chambers deserve special mention. Near the top lies the Cavern of Ten Thousand Souls—a vast chamber whose walls glitter with multicolored crystals said to be the source of all Varki souls. A shaft in the center of this cave drops nearly 300 feet down to the steaming pool of the geothermally-heated Lifewater Caverns—a cavern used as a religious retreat by Varki seers throughout the Icemark.

Seer's Home

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