Giant Deities

Fandarra is an ancient deity worshiped primarily by stone giants, although she is often followed by the primitive humanoid races of the north.

Haggakal is an ogre god, the offspring of an evil deity and a giant. His followers believe him to be a round ogre face in the sky (the moon). For them the waning moon is the time to hunt and to raid while the waxing moon symbolizes the time of their god’s return. Other myths interpret the moon’s phases as the incestuous relationship Haggakal has with his twin sister and the resulting pregnancy.

Minderhal (pronounced MIN-dehr-hawl) was once worshiped throughout the ancient empire of Thassilon as god of the common people and the enslaved giants. There are only a few modern worshipers of Minderhal, primarily giants on the Storval Plateau region of Varisia, though their sacrifices are but a trifle compared to the former glories at the height of his rule. Aside from giantkind, Minderhal also claims many of the Kellid inhabitants of the northern reaches of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, who hold giants in extremely high esteem.

Perbov is a giant god whose worship is demanded by the Druid-King Aalgin of all who live in his Iobarian city of Okormirr. Aalgin maintains that Perbov’s sweat is the substance of the Lake of Mists and Veils.

Thremyr would still be asleep if he hadn’t been awoken by the Starstone’s fall. He appears as a colossal frost giant made of ice, gems, and salt. He creates ice trolls, strange fey or simple snow when walking and is particularly fond of treasure of all sorts. He is worshipped by frost giants, who believe he is their creator. It is said that these giants were created when Thremyr fell into the Steaming Sea and parts of his form were carved off into large iceberg like shapes. At first he was incensed at the seemingly smaller copies of his form and chased them off. Later they returned and worshiped him, so he accepted them as his creations.

A relatively new faith, Urazra seems to have only existed a few hundred years (less than a lifespan to its stone giant worshipers). It is proving popular with younger stone giants. Urazra is a savage deity promising his followers greater strength, fortitude and even complete immunity to pain in exchange for acts of brutal savagery and sacrifices of still bloody raw flesh. The cult of Urazra is made up exclusively of stone giants, most of whom are younger stone giants as the elders tend to look down on Urazra’s worship claiming it appeals to the most base and savage part of giant nature. Many of Urazra’s worshipers are barbarians who claim that their rage is channeled directly from the God himself. Despite the relative youth of this religion it has spread through charismatic young stone giant preachers who claim that strength, ferocity and savagery are more important than the virtues of work, knowledge and history that their elders have taught them.

Zursvaater is the father of the fire giants. He is a secretive deity but nonetheless drives his followers to constant warfare against other people.

Giant Deities

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