Effigies are horrifying constructions designed to strike fear into or break the morale of a defeated enemy’s kin, or to force obedience from an unruly mob. Some effigies are associated with lengthy rituals. Some are sacrifices, while others are merely elaborate forms of execution. The effigies detailed below take things a bit further than merely displaying a model of a defeated enemy or a portion of his body—they follow complex and often lengthy rituals for their creation. These effigies are not magical in and of themselves, but they can be transformed into potent wards with the proper spells. Creating an effigy takes time and a successful Intimidate check. If the creator fails the Intimidate check when attempting to create the effigy, the body or materials used to craft the effigy are wasted and ruined—while such remains can still serve as a warning to the enemy, they lack the style and tradition an actual effigy evokes, and cannot be used as the target of an infuse effigy spell.

All effigies are objects, and follow the standard rules for objects (see pages 173–175 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook). An effigy’s size depends partially on the nature of the largest creature used in its construction. If the effigy’s size is listed as “normal,” the effigy is the same size, and thus has the same space, as the largest creature incorporated into its construction. If the effigy’s size is listed as a modifier, like “+1” or “+2,” the effigy is a size category of a creature that many size categories larger than the largest creature incorporated into its construction, and thus has the space of such a creature. A Medium effigy has 20 hit points. For each size category smaller than Medium the effigy is, its hit points are halved, while for each size category larger it is, its hit points are doubled.

Standard Effigy

The simplest effigies, such as heads mounted on spikes or bodies hanging from trees, are known collectively as standard effigies. They are easy to build, but generally don’t leave much of an impression on any but the victim’s closest allies and friends.
Construction 1 minute (Intimidate DC 10); Size normal


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