weapon (melee)

Ingolsdottir is a battle axe that magically resizes to fit the hands of its wielder. The wickedly curved axe-blade shimmers dramatically in bright light, but the axe itself sheds no magical radiance. Etched onto the back of the axe-blade’s spine is the name “Ingolsdottir” in Skaldic runes. The haft is made of fire-blackened oak and has a handgrip wrapped in white dragon hide and fine mithral wire.


Ingolsdottir’s origins are an enigma. It is not known who forged her and Ulfen legends shed no light on who “Ingol” was or why he crafted such a bizarre weapon. To add to the mystery, Ingolsdottir always lies when asked about her maker or she evades the subject entirely. Though most sages believe her to be quite ancient, Ingolsdottir only first appeared on record in 4311 AR, when the ranger Sempet Sixfingers brought her to Kalsgard to satisfy a weregild he owed to King Grot the Noseless (an ogre having bitten off his nose) for the accidental slaying of one of the king’s servants. Sempet claimed to have looted the weapon from a rimecovered ruin on the Isle of Kalva, but his claim was never verified.

Grot took an immediate liking to Ingolsdottir, who he halfjokingly referred to as his “favorite wife”, and wielded her throughout his brief reign. He famously used Ingolsdottir to slay the ice linnorm Cracklefang, who roused his anger by devouring the residents of three steadings under his protection in the harsh winter of 4316. When Grot perished from Cracklefang’s death curse, Ingolsdottir was claimed by one of his sword-brothers, who promptly lost the blade when frost giants ambushed the party returning the king’s body to Kalsgard. Only the warrior Ingvak Gnarlhand returned to Kalsgard alive and he did so without the axe or his king’s corpse.

After presumably being passed from one frost giant chieftain to another, Ingolsdottir eventually fell into the hands of the notorious frost giant jarl Thrivnir the Insatiable, whose motley army of giants, trolls, and ogres plagued the lands north of Kalsgard throughout the mid-4300s. Thrivnir’s reign of terror finally ended in 4360 AR when an unnamed party of adventurers killed him and claimed the axe. Ingolsdottir was traded to the wizard Eranir of Kalsgard in exchange for magical training for the party’s spellcasters. Eranir in turn soon sold the axe to the half-elven ranger Munán Ravenswinter.

Munán took Ingolsdottir with him when he sailed to Arcadia in 4365 AR, where he spent four decades exploring that continent’s northern wilderness. He returned to Kalsgard an old man, and gave the axe to his grandson Bjorgren, before setting sail a final time for Valenhall. Bjorgren sadly met his end barely a year after that in 4406 AR, when he and his companions fell prey to a remorhaz somewhere in the northwestern Icemark.

Ingolsdottir appeared again briefly in Halgrim on the Isle of Battlewall in 4621 AR, this time in the possession of a young warrior named Yndreg who used Ingolsdottir to kill a pair of hill giants that had attacked several local farmsteads. When Yndreg presented the giants’ heads to the elders of Halgrim to collect the promised bounty, the wizard Alganan observed that Yndreg was completely under Ingolsdottir’s mental control. After collecting his reward, Yndreg left Halgrim for the mainland and was not seen again. This was the last recorded sighting of Ingolsdottir remain unknown, but Erlho Dyndarion keenly notes that her constant lies and deceptions could help hide her whereabouts.


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