Trollsbane, Onund's Vengeance

weapon (melee)

The broad, two-edged blade is 50 inches long and made of dull, oily-grey steel. The sword’s pommel is another 21 inches long, carved from a single piece of mammoth ivory. Set in the pommel’s tip is a large emerald of exquisite cut and clarity, easily worth a jarl’s ransom. The blade itself sheds no light, but the emerald glows with a pale green radiance when the sword is drawn. This radiance becomes as bright as a lantern if trolls approach within 1,000 feet. Aside from a forge-mark that identifies the sword’s maker as the legendary Ulfen smith Onund the Blind, Hrakalgrim bears no other runes or markings.


Hrakalgrim is an ancient weapon, and has been mentioned in Ulfen tales going back two millennia. First mentioned in Vingraf’s Tales of Snow and Crimson, the sword was the creation of Onund the Blind who forged Hrakalgrim and two dozen lesser troll-slaying blades on the Isle of Aegos to counter a massive troll incursion that plagued the island in the early 2700s. The sword was first wielded by Onund’s daughter Breyna, who used it to slay the troll-king who had eaten her mother and three brothers, Grogelmok. Before Breyna died of old age, she gave the sword to her son Idain, who perished when the Choking Death swept through western Avistan in the summer of 2742 AR. Idain was the last of his line. It is rumored that one of his servants carried the sword away from Aegos in secret.

Hrakalgrim surfaced again in 3312 AR in Kalsgard, in the hands of a hulking Kellid mercenary who called himself Thral. The blade was recognized by the sage Ujan the Grey who tried unsuccessfully to purchase the sword from the mercenary. By year’s end, Thral left Kalsgard to join his companions fighting the Winter War in Irrisen, where it is presumed he met his fate on one battlefield or another.

Though Thral never returned to Kalsgard, Hrakalgrim eventually did. In 4109 AR, a sword matching Hrakalgrim’s description was seen in the possession of the magus Tarna Narsdottir, who used the blade to slay a Varisian sorcerer during an argument at one of the city’s riverfront inns. A year later, Tarna was murdered by bugbears in the Grungir Forest. It is unclear if she had the sword with her at the time.

In 4391 AR, the warrior-skald Aengar of Bildt appeared briefly in Trollheim with Hrakalgrim, as noted by the wizard Kragnulf of the Iron Eye whom Aengar paid to identify the sword’s powers. Kragnulf’s journal mentioned that Aengar paid him with platinum coins minted in the semi-mythical city of Nithveil, and that the warrior-skald claimed to have stolen Hrakalgrim from one of the city’s fey inhabitants. How the sword—and Aengar for that matter—found its way to Nithveil and back again is unknown, for Aengar would say nothing more about his experiences. Shortly after Aengar left Trollheim he was never seen again.

Erlho Dyndarion saw the blade himself while visiting Jol in the spring of 4689 AR. It was in the possession of a young jarl from Antler Rock, who had come to Jol for trade. This jarl, Njorak by name, was unaware of the sword’s power or history until Erlho revealed it to him. Six years later, someone stole Hrakalgrim while Njorak lay bedridden recovering from a battle-wound. When Njorak came to his senses, the sword and the thief were nowhere to be found. Since then, Hrakalgrim’s whereabouts remain unknown.


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