Volt Naess

Young daughter of Varin Naess


Volt is the ten year old daughter of Varin Naess. When she was only eight, her mother, Isabal, was brutally killed by a pack of Adlet. When the beasts attacked, Isabal boldly stepped forward with the few men and faced the pack. She begged Volt to flee, but the rebellious young girl remained behind long enough to witness her mother’s attack. As the pack moved on, one Adlet remained behind to continue and torment the dying Isabal. Volt crept from the darkness and attacked the Adlet. The fight between them was vicious but in the end, Volt killed the creature. She was found by her father viciously protecting her mother’s violated corpse.

Since that day, Volt has remained defiant. She continues to get into fights with other children and is often unreachable by her father or sister, Asta. Volt is best friends with Orn, but spends as much time fighting with him as they do playing.


Volt Naess

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