Varin Naess

Varin is a leading member of the Kalsgard militia.


Killed by Fafnir while protecting Sveinn Blood-Eagle

Varin has served Kalsgard all his life, walking in his father’s footsteps. During his service with the guard, Varin has amassed a reputation of honor and loyalty. He believes in the ideals of his king and supports Sveinn Blood-Eagle before the other lords of the Thanelands and Linnorm Kings.

Varin’s wife, Isabal, was killed a few years ago by a roving band of Adlet. He has two girls. Volt (age 10) has proven to be a handful since her mother’s death, and Asta who is a capable swordsman. Volt is best friends with Orn Blood-Eagle. Varin is protective of his children and fears losing them.

Varin is expected to join the challenge issued by his king. He has publicly declared he will not, but whispering indicates that Sveinn continues to encourage him to take up the challenge. If he does, he will be favored among those betting in the back halls.

Varin naess


The party meets Varin after seeing him in a vision by Niira.

Although he does not trust Niira, he accepts the party’s assistance in finding a winter wraith loose in the city.

He later supports their efforts with King Blood-Eagle, earning them a boost to their reputation.

Varin Naess

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