Toki Blood-Eagle

Fifth male child and sixth child of Sveinn Blood-Eagle


Toki is unlike all his male siblings. At 21, he is not much of an Ulfin barbarian. He is smaller and of fairer skin. When he was but a child, one of Sveinn Blood-Eagle’s captains made a comment on the child’s fair skin and how his looks resembled that of a traveling entertainer who had visited the kingdom several years ago. Sveinn beat the man unconscious. No one since has made such a comment within ear-shot of the king. Sveinn has always treated the boy like his siblings. If he is bothered by Toki’s small nature and lack of skill with the axe, Sveinn has never voiced it.

Despite his father’s attention, Toki is often jealous of his siblings. He does a poor job of hiding this jealousy and it has led to feuds between them.


Toki Blood-Eagle

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