A large black wolf.


Nightstalker is a larger than normal black wolf. He has shown to be extremely intelligent. His pack is extremely loyal to him and to Hela Olfsford. The exact size of his pack is unknown. Its number is estimated to be between six and ten. Many of them come and go but all of them will lay down their lives for Hela or him.

Known Members of the Pack

  • Swiftwind – The male wolf known as Swiftwind is slow to anger. He gets his name from his speed. Only Nightstalker is faster.
  • Winterfoot – Winterfoot is known for his ferocity. He gets his name from his right front paw. It is white as the snow he treads upon.
  • Moonfang – The female wolf known as Moonfang often serves as pack leader when Nightstalker is not around. She is as large as the males and just as powerful.
  • Behemoth – Behemoth is the largest of the pack, even Nightstalker. He is incredibly strong and often serves as an enforcer for Nightstalker.
  • Bloodfang – Bloodfang is a male and is short tempered. He is extremely jealous of any outsiders. He can be identified by his left fang. It is cracked and blackened. The tooth is dead and perhaps the pain it causes him contributes to his foul temper.
  • Lostboy – Lostboy is a loaner. He always acts as a scout for the pack. He is capable of sneaking up on even Nightstalker.
  • Nightsong – Nightsong’s howl carries with it the sorrow of the pack. All the rest lay down to listen to her music.
  • Lazygirl – Lazygirl takes every opportunity to nap.
  • Orckiller – Orckiller is known for his fighting skill.

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