Ingimundr the Unruly

Linnorm King of Broken Bay.


Ingimundr is a hard man and a brash one. But beneath his boasting lies a shrewd, calculating, and manipulative leader, a fact exemplified by his handling of the raiding issue. Ingimundr has done more than anyone to increase Ulfen raiding, a feat he achieved by publicaly espousing a more warlike and traditional lifestyle, without explicitly encouraging violence and theft. This approach keeps him from being held to account by other, more conservative Linnorm Kings. At the same time, he privately encourages raids and officially ignores the provenance of the goods and gold that enter the port. As a result of these policies, he’s seen Bildt’s fame rise as plunder surreptitiously flows into the port and into his coffers. Ingimundr sees a return to the old ways not only as an end in itself, but also as a means to greater power and glory for himself. Broken Bay is the natural home of the true Ulfen raider-if raiding becomes more important, his region does as well, and with the increased importance will come increased clout among the Linnorm Kings. Even if “unsanctioned and unfortuante” raids on fellow Linnorm Kingdoms do little beyond encouranging those kingdoms to return to their roots and seek revenge, Ingimundr would call it a victory.


Ingimundr the Unruly

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