Arcane Merchant of the Planes


Imar, the self-titled, Arcane Merchant of the Planes, is a traveling merchant of arcane wares. He has been seen in nearly every major city on Golarion. According to him, he has also visited cities across numerous planes. Even though this cannot be verified, Imar is known to sell many strange and arcane artifacts, artifacts that are alien to Golarion.

Imar always travels with a large retinue in a well protected caravan. His people are of various races; some are unknown, others believed extinct. All of them have demonstrated an understanding of magic and they are all extremely loyal to Imar.

Imar can be asked to find nearly any item of power. However, his price is often high and he won’t hesitate to warn the buyer if he would be better off without the item.

One story favored by Imar as a warning involves a raven haired sorceress who sought immortality. Imar knew the driving force to be young involved the young Pandora seeking revenge on a man who had done her family evil. Imar offered her immortality. The item presented was a live cockroach that he promised would provide the immortality she sought if consumed. When asked by Pandora, if he would consume the cockroach, Imar responded with, “Imar not eat cockroach!” with a look of deep concern etched in his features. He knows that the young Pandora heeded his warning of immortality. He is sure that she achieved great things without condemning her soul. As for the cockroach, it has become a favorite pet of Imar’s.

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