3rd son of a merchant family. Cleric of Erastil.


Born the 3rd son of a merchant family in Thainland, Hob was sent off to be a priest of Erastil instead of learning the family business. He has now returned and plans to rebuild the cursed Eratil temple in his home town and make his own way in the world.



Fortunes are a relative thing, resting in the expectations of the subject. Born not to a lord and not to a pauper, raised with money and education, giving and kind, but born last. 1st son gets the inheritance, 2nd gets a stipend and is there should the first fall, 3rd has nothing left but expectation. He should still succeed in this world, make something of himself event hour he has nothing but his name and even that must be handed out sparingly should too many favors be requested and too much debt run up. The safest bet in this “fortune” is the church.

So a few years before coming of age Hob, a name shortened from his full one in lue of his statis in the family, was given to Erastil. The Kalsgard church, now cursed and long decayed, did not house priestly education but a town far away. Taught that community is great and carries with its goodly assembly a power. Hob returns to Karlsgrad to rebuild the church and make his name in the deeds befitting his god.


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