Gudrun Fire-Hair

War Priest Chief Gudrun Fire-Hair


Gudrun advanced quickly in the ranks as a young cleric. She proved dependable and trustworthy.

However, her abilities also pulled her away from the temple.

She came to the attention of Runa Blood-Eagle, who felt her husband King Blood-Eagle needed Gudrun’s thoughtful presence to help tame his council. Only with pressure from Prefect Gustrong of the Gorum temple did she accept the appointment. She resisted, fearing he needed her for his ongoing battle with Bjorn Stormwolf.

Shortly after her departure, Gustrong was killed in what should have been a simple battle.

Gudrun turned her attention to Bjorn, and has spent the last few months attempting to bring him to justice for what she sees as the unjust death of Gustrong. However, much of her time is spent with her duties for King Blood-Eagle but she keeps her eye on Bjorn.


The Party met Gudrun when they appeared before King Blood-Eagle to warn him of a possible attempt on his life by the wraith army building in the city. She spoke with the party on behalf of Blood-Eagle and the council. A Walking Plague – Part Two

Gudrun Fire-Hair

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