Freyr Darkwine

Castellan of Trollheim


Freyer Darkwine, Castellan of Trollheim, has yet to defeat a linnorm, and has not claimed any plans to attempt such a feat anytime soon. Freyr is more interested in helping to keep Hagreach a strong bulwark against its enemies to the east than he is in personal glory. While his civil authority doesn’t extend beyond the bounds of Trollheim, his moral authority and the respect he has gained from his single-minded fight against Irrisen have spread across the whole region.

Freyer is also Commander of the Blackravens. He divides his time between Blackraven Hall and Trollheim, managing both jobs completely. His heart, however, remains on the border, and he spends almost every waking morning preparing and strategizing, holding back the winter witches and their minions as much as possible. Freyr sees the Blackravens as an asset of the Ulfen people as a whole, and routinely requests aid in warriors and treasure from the Linnorm Kings. He never receives much, but all of the Linnorm Kings give, if only grudgingly. Most donate only gold, and this only sparingly, but White Estrid has taken to granting Freyr soldiers as well, sending 40 warriors per year to join the Blackravens’ ranks. These draftees from Battlewall spend a year learning to fight the forces of winter and aiding in the protection of the Ulfen lands and then return home, wiser and more skilled in warfare. Freyr hopes that White Estrid’s example will encourage the other Linnorm Kings to do likewise — while gold is always appreciated, the Blackravens need as many soldiers as they can get.

Of late, one of Freyr’s greatest concerns and frustrations is the simple fact that Hagreach does not extend the full length of the Irrisen Border. The Blackravens do periodically patrol the narrow stretch of land where Grungir Forest abuts the border, but further to the south, where Southmoor shares this border, the Blackravens generally do not venture—but not due to negligence. In fact, the troll and giant tribes that dwell in this region, combined with Southmoor’s near hostility whenever the Blackravens approach with requests for support for more southern patrols, are what renders the southern extent the most poorly defended portion of the border. Freyr takes solace in the fact that, according to reports from his increasingly few deep cover agents stationed in Southmoor, the eastern hills and badlands remain as hostile to Irrisen as to any other nation, yet the ranger still fears the day the witches manage to strike a truce with those giants.

Freyr Darkwine

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