Bram Segismunnson

Monster Hunter


Bram segismunnson

The eldest son of Jol’s best blacksmith and armorer, Bram was born strong and handsome. By age ten his skill at arms was unmatched in his village and it was widely believed that he would become one of the next great Linnorm Kings.

At the age of eleven, he suffered a cruel tragedy when his beloved younger brother Liut was stolen by what Bram’s young mind took to be a linnorm. He blames himself for his brother’s disappearance and spends his time collecting adventurers willing to work for a share of linnorm treasure. Once he amasses a party, he leads these brave souls deep into the Grungir forest in search of his brother. Legends say he killed many linnorms, wearing a tooth from each around his neck as a trophy, but since he has never returned with a head it is impossible to prove.

Blond haired and blue eyed with a tall, muscular physique and honey-tinted skin, Bram is open, friendly, and boastful while recruiting. Once out in the wilds however, he becomes harsh; demanding only the highest standard of excellence from any party he leads—even if he may not always live up to that same standard. Though he favors his axe, named for his lost brother, he is equally skilled with any weapon. He typically refuses to fight other humans, but gladly trounces anyone who speaks ill of his brother.


Bram Segismunnson

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