Bjorn Stormwolf


As a young cleric of Gorum, Bjorn earned a reputation of being brash and brutal. His assignment to the Temple of Gorum in Kalsgard came with suspicion. Many believe he used a dark secret over his superiors to gain his assignment.

Immediately upon arrival, he began a campaign of slander against Gudrun Fire-Hair and the current Prefect of the temple.

Already having lost much face, the Prefect was killed late one night in a battle against Yeti that had wondered too close to a farming community. Many, including Gudrun felt it had been a set-up. However, her efforts to prove Bjorn guilty failed.

After several months, Gudrun left the temple, leaving Bjorn in charge.

He has maintained an iron grip on the temple ever since. He allows few visitors and demands everyone follow his orders completely.

He is inflexible and demanding.


Egil Ironwolf and Gorreg Mordakh met Bjorn when they attempted to stay at the temple of Gorum. The Circle of Niira

He demanded services for their stay.

They witnessed him having a secret meeting with a small stranger and he attacked them for witnessing the meeting. They fled the temple safely.

Bjorn Stormwolf

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