Alrik Feyfound

The Feytouched Wanderer


Many years ago in Delmon’s Glen, on a cold misty morning, an Ulfen child walked out of the Grungir Forest. He was not dressed for the cold, but showed no signs of distress. Ignoring the startled gnomes of the town, he walked directly to the Temple of Sivanah and let himself in. The young boy only could understand Sylvan and Aklo, both of which he spoke fluently; when questioned, he simply stated that he was told it was time to return to his world, because “they were getting bored of me.” He also knew that his name was simply Alrik. Further questioning revealed that he only had memories of the First World, and knew nothing of his actual family or why he had been among the Fey. The priests suspected he Fey had stolen him when he was a baby, but all their attempts to locate a family that could have been his failed. Eventually, they gave up searching for his family. They raised the child within their temple until he grew too large, and then made arrangements for him to sleep at the Raven’s Best, the local inn and tavern that catered to the Ulfen travelers that frequented Delmon’s Glen.

Alrik had a natural talent for magic and developed what some felt was an almost otherworldly charm. And although he was somewhat removed from culture of his Ulfen brethren, tales of glory and adventure appealed greatly to him, and he spent most of his free time soaking up the stories brought in by human travelers.

Alrik longed to leave the care of the Sivanah Temple, and he asked every band of travelers passing through if he could leave with them, but none wanted anything to do with the “Feytouched Boy.” Once, during his mid-teens, Alrik stormed into the Grungir Forest in frustration after being shunned once again. He cried out that all he wanted was to have what he was denied – life amongst his own kind, and knowing his family name and their past glories. Shortly thereafter, he came upon three hooded young women with an otherworldly beauty. They told him “when you are strong enough to claim what is yours, you will be able to rejoin your own kind; when you are wise enough to know what is yours, you will know who you are.” When he returned to his room in the temple, a large composite longbow was on his bed; none of the priests knew how it got there. Though non-magical, it was of great quality and made from the wood of the Paueliel tree. Alrik had a new obsession: he no longer would try to convenience travelers to take him with them; instead, he would learn to use this bow.

But try as he might, he could not string the bow; even by Ulfen standards, only an extremely strong person would be able to use it. After years of effort, he finally was able to use the weapon. His request to join the next band of Ulfen travelers who visited Delmon’s Glen was not rejected, as none of them were willing to refuse the request of such a strong person, Feytouched or not.

Once they reached their first large town, Alrik set out on his own. Motivated by the stories of glory he loved so much, he traveled north into Hagreach to help keep watch on the Irrisen border. Though his skill with his bow was appreciated, the Ulfen warriors liked his storytelling even more, particularly when he told the stories of their battles. He soon developed a reputation as warrior-bard, and his tales often boosted the reputation of the bands he was with. One of those bands, a contingent of warriors from the Ironbound Islands, expressed their thanks in the form of an Efficient Quiver which their leader presented to him.

During his travels, Alrik always is seeking insight into the history of his bow. He suspects it belonged to a family member, perhaps his father or a distant ancestor. All he has learned so far is that it is crafted by human hands, and that it recently became magical. But its history, and any possible links to his past, continues to elude him.


Alrik Feyfound

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