Of Kings and Dragons

Of Kings and Dragons
The story thus far...

Sveinn Blood-Eagle has been a good king, but he is growing old and tires of his responsibilities. The long winter nights leave his old bones stiff and sore. But he longs to see the kingdoms united under one king, a strong king capable of defending the people against the threat he sees growing in the east.

Queen Elvanna has remained quiet and it is believed she nears the end of her reign. An unusually long cold winter has brought strong winds from her realm. These winds lead many to believe she is planning a final strike against the Linnorm Kingdoms. Perhaps she hopes to impress her mother.

The rumors are enough for Blood-Eagle. In order to combat this evil, Blood-Eagle is determined to see the kingdoms united. He has called on the great warriors of the lands to come forth. He hopes at least one of them is powerful enough to defeat a linnorm and claim his throne or the empty throne of a neighboring land; strengthening the realm against Queen Elvanna.

Despite his lingering illness, many hope Aki Blood-Eagle will answer his father’s call. Aki is well liked and in the past has demonstrated much of the leadership his father sought to instill in him. His brother, Diarf strongly supports his bid for kingship.

Husstander Icehunter of the Blackravens recently arrived in Kalsgard. Immediately rumors surfaced that the legendary warrior was responding to Blood-Eagle’s summons. Husstander has refused to answer any questions and he has sent more than one curious individual scurrying to avoid his blow.

Llovn Stonewalker of the Kopparberget mines has openly responded to Blood-Eagle’s request. A strong contingent of battle-ready dwarves and vast wealth back his bid for kingship.

Despite his reputation as a powerful warrior and as a successful longboat captain, most people don’t trust Kultur Shieldheart. Kultur’s reputation and rumored loyalty to Ingimundr the Unruly would result in an alliance that would threaten the Thanelands.

Stories abound that Varin Naess will join the challenge. Varin has served as captain of Blood-Eagle’s guard for several years. Varin continues to deny any interest but rumors abound that Blood-Eagle himself has asked Varin to join the hunt.

Blood-Eagle has hope the number of people responding to his call will continue to grow. He has designated the first day of spring as a day of festival. Many believe this day will kick off his quest to find his king.

The Adventures ( Loot)

  • The Circle of Niira – Using their dreams, Niira the Lonely draws together a group of strangers to battle a prophecy that could mean the destruction of the Linnorm Kingdoms.
  • A Walking Plague – Part One – Following Niira’s guide, the Circle of Niira work to stop a plague of winter wraiths spreading through the city of Kalsgard.
  • A Walking Plague – Part Two – The Circle of Niira journey into the dark beneath the city and into the lair of the Winter Wraiths.
  • The Hunt – Part One – King Blood-Eagle kicks off his hunt with a celebration. It is interrupted by a tragedy that threatens to derail the prophecy of Niira.
  • The Hunt – Part Two – The Circle of Niira seeks to join Aki Blood-Eagle in the wilds, but Niira splits the party with a prediction of one of their deaths.
  • An Assassin Loose in the City – The Circle attempts to locate Isabella to help save the king from her diseased sword, while a large dark menace attacks the city from the sky.
  • Assault on the Temple of Gorum – Working with Gudrun Fire-Hair, the Circle plans an assault on the Temple of Gorum to capture Bjorn Stormwolf before he can flee the city.
  • A Jungle and a Gorilla

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